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Types of Production

types of production

Another way of classifying production activity is according to the quantity of product made. In this classification, there are three types of production: 1. Job shop production 2. Batch production 3. Mass production This classification is normally associated with discrete-product manufacture, but it can also serve for plants used in the process industries. For example, some chemicals are produced in batches (batches production); whereas ... Read More »

Engrz Helps to Fill Online Admission Forms MUET

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We have received many emails about how to fill online Admission forms of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. So we (Team Engrz) Has Decided to provide Volunteer Support to those candidates who have difficulty about Filling online admission form. We will provide Maximum time to support new candidate regarding online admission system, we are also encouraging engineers if they ... Read More »

Types of Automation


Automated Production systems can best be classified into three basic types Fixed Automation Programmable automation Flexible Automation Fixed automation: is system in which the sequence of processing ( or assembly) operations is fixed by the equipment configuration. The operation in the sequence are usually simple. It is the integration and coordination of many such operations into one piece of equipment the makes the system ... Read More »

Introduction to Automation


INTRODUCTION: Automation is a technology concerned with the application of mechanical, electronic and computer-based systems to operate and control production. This technology includes: Automatic Machine tools to process parts Automatic assembly machines Industrial robots Automatic material handling and storage systems Automatic inspection systems for quality control Feedback control and computer process control Computer systems for planning, data collection and decision making to support manufacturing activities. The scope of this ... Read More »