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Environmental Engineering


Share This: The accidents may take place due to human causes, environmental causes and mechanical causes. These causes are discussed as under. Human Causes 1. Accidents may occur while working on unsafe or dangerous equipments or machineries possessing rotating, reciprocating and moving parts. 2. Accidents occur while operating machines without knowledge, without safety precautions, without authority, without safety devices. 3. ... Read More »

Planning and Excution of Modern water supply schemes

Share This: In Planning a water supply scheme, it is essential to first of all search a source of water in vicinity of the town or city for which the scheme is to be designed. sometimes, the water may be available nearby, and sometimes it may be far away. further it may be an underground well, or it may be ... Read More »

Financing of Water Supply Schemes and their Development in India

Share This: Huge amount of money is required for planning, designing and executing a city water supply scheme. The first investment as well as the RMO (i.e. Running, Maintenance and Operation) charges, along with depreciation and interest charges, must be returned by the beneficiaries in the form of revenue returns from the sale of water, which is generally measured by ... Read More »

What can you do to reduce global warming?

Share This: Being a poor man or woman does not mean that you cannot reduce global warming. It is not something that cannot be dealt with as all it requires is a bit of effort and a fair amount of dedication. Each and every day a poor man or woman strives hard to earn a meager amount of money to ... Read More »

Quotes by Hazrat Ali (Urdu)

Share This: Tum Kisi Ko Chaho Or Woh Tumain Thukra Day To Yah Us Ke Bad Nasibi Hai. Or Us K Bad tum us ko Zabardasti Apnana Chaho To Yah Tumheray Nafs Ki Zillat hy. Tum Gulab Ka Phool Ban Jao q kay Yah Phool Us Kay Hathoon main bhi KUSHBU chor jata hai jo issay masal k phenk deta ... Read More »