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Common safety Methods

Share This: The common methods of safety are as follows: 1. Safety by construction or design. 2. Safety by position. 3. Safety by using fixed guards. 4. Safety by using interlock guards. 5. Safety by using automatic guards. 6. Safety by using trip guards. 7. Safety by using distance guards. 8. Safety by workplace layout and proper working conditions. 9. ... Read More »

Common Tools Used in Carpentry Shop

Share This: Commonly used tools to shape wood for various types of joints by driving in and driving out nail involve cutting and smoothening of wood surfaces. A broad classification of tools used in the wood working or carpentry shop are measuring and marking tools, supporting and holding tools, cutting tools, striking tools and miscellaneous tools. Most of commonly used ... Read More »


Share This: Air-conditioning is a process that simultaneously conditions air; distributes it combined with the outdoorair to the conditioned space; and at the same time controls and maintains the required space’s temperature,humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, sound level, and pressure differential within predetermined limits for the health and comfort of the occupants, for product processing, or both. The acronym HVAC&R ... Read More »