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Mass (Definition)

Share This: Definition: It is the amount of matter contained in a given body, and does not very with the change in its position on the earths surface. The mass of the body is measured by direct compraision with a standard mass by using a level balance. Read More »


Share This: Definition: It is the amount of pull, which the earth exerts upon a given body. Since the pull verys with distance of the body from the centre of earth, therefore the weight of the body will very with its position on the earth surface (say latitude and elevation). It is thus obvious, that the weight is force. Read More »


Share This: Definition: It is the total possessed by a body. Mathematically, Momentum=Mass x Velocity Where: m = mass of the body u = initial velocity of body v = final velocity of a body a = constant acceleration t = time required (in seconds) to change the velocity from u to v. Read More »