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Kinematic Link or Element

Share This: Definition: Each part of a machine, which moves relative to some other part is known as a kinematic link ( or simply link ) or element. A link may consists several parts, which are rigidly fastened together, so that they don’t move relative to on an other. Types of Links 1. Rigid Links 2. Flexible Links 3. Fluid ... Read More »

Types of Links

Share This: In order to transmit motion, the driver and the follower may be connected by the following three types of links. 1. Rigid Link: A rigid link is one which does not undergo any deformation while transmitting motion, strictly speaking rigid links do not exists. However, as the deformation of a connecting rod, crank etc of a reciprocating steam ... Read More »

What is Structure? (Definition)

Share This: Definition: It is an assemblage of a number of resistance bodies (known as member) having no relative motion b/w them and meant for carrying loads having straining action. A railway bridge, a roof trues machine frames etc are the example of structure. Read More »