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Difference between a Machine and a Structure

Share This: The following differences between a machine and a structure are important from the subject (Machine Design) point of view.   1. The parts of machine move relative to one another, whereas the members of a structure do not move relative to one another. 2. A machine transforms the available energy into some useful work, whereas in a structure ... Read More »

Kinematic Pair (Definition)

Share This: Definition: The two links or elements of a machine, when in contact with each other are said to form a pair. If the relative motion between them is completely or successfully constrained (i.e. in a definite direction) the pair is known as kinematic pair. source: Thermodynamics by Youns A. Cengel Read More »

Classifications of Machine Design

Share This: The machine design may be classified as follows : 1. Adaptive design. In most cases, the designer’s work is concerned with adaptation of existing designs. This type of design needs no special knowledge or skill and can be attempted by designers of ordinary technical training. The designer only makes minor alternation or modification in the existing designs of ... Read More »