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General Considerations in Machine Design

Share This: General Considerations in Machine Design Following are the general considerations in designing a machine component: 1. Type of load and stresses caused by the load. The load, on a machine component, may act in several ways due to which the internal stresses are set up. 2. Motion of the parts or kinematics of the machine. The successful operation ... Read More »

Electromechanical systems

Share This: Electromechanical systems In the design of any complex system, all the relevant design details must be considered to ensure the development of a successful product. In the development of motion systems, problems in the design process are most likely to occur in the actuator or motor-drive system. When designing any actuation system, mechanical designers work with electrical and ... Read More »

Machine Tools

Share This: Despite advances in technology, the basic stages in manufacturing have not changed over the centuries: material has to be moved, machined, and processed. When considering current advanced manufacturing facilities it should be remembered that they are but the latest step in a continuing process that started during the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the eighteenth century. ... Read More »