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Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (E-Book)

Share This: An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis Fifth Edition R. Lyman Ott Michael Longnecker Texas A&M University Introduction:  An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis, Fifth Edition, is a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines. It is intended to prepare students to deal with solving problems encountered in research projects, ... Read More »

Ufone Free and Faster Internet

Share This: Here is a free setting for ufone, please change your settings like below. For selected users… Connections name: A1 AccessPointName: ufone.pmms proxy address: proxy port: 80 Connection :A1 AccesspointName: ufone.pmms ye baat yaad rakhni hai jitni bi mein proxy de rha hn sub ka apn :ufone.pmms hi ho ga.. Advanced Setting 1. Proxyserver address: Proxy port ... Read More »

Fluctuation in Sewage Flow

Share This: Where possible, gauging of flow in existing sewers should be made in order to determine actual variations. Recording gauges are available or can be devised that will give depths of sewage in the outfall sewer or in the main leading from a district. In order to design a system for a previously unswered town or section of a ... Read More »