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Preventive Measures for Engineers

Few safety measures commonly used in industries comprise of the proper safety guards for reciprocating machine components such as drop hammers, presses, shaper, slotter, power hacksaw, paper cutters etc., fencing of dangerous and rotating parts like revolving shafts, incorporating safety devices such as safety valves, rigid construction of heavy items like hoists, cranes etc, proper insulation of electric wire and earthing of electric appliances, wearing appropriate safety shoe and other necessary items for, body protection, maintenance cleanliness of shop floor, removal of metal chips with proper protection, avoiding fire hazard. Safety while working safely in any shop is the safety of human being and the safety of workshop machinery. Hence there is a great need for the study of the domain of industrial safety for accidents prevention and good house keeping is the utmost. Safe working conditions in any industry may help to minimize the number of accidents taking place, prevent premature death of talented employee, prevent needless pain and suffering to industrial employees, reduce damages to equipment and machinery, increase production and reduce production cost. Good housekeeping implies keeping industry clean, look pleasant well illuminated and ventilated so that accidents are minimized, total production and quality are improved and the employee morale is boosted. Careless handling of heavy materials and components is a major source of back and foot injuries. To avoid premature fatigue of transport workers, full use should be made of mechanized materials handling equipment. Use mechanical means of conveyance to ensure the safety of men engaged in material handling. The transport workers should not be asked to lift more than the permissible load. Personal protective devices such as safe hard hats, rubberized hats for protection against liquids /chemicals, ear protectors, face mask/face shields, welding helmet, goggles of case-hardened and clear glass for protection against impact should be used as per the need.

The good housekeeping has been borrowed from the maintenance of  domestic properties in the home or house and is now liberally applied to the maintenance of both cleanliness and order in all kinds of business establishments, e.g., industries etc. Cleanliness is a condition wherein buildings, work and rest areas, machinery, equipments and tools are kept free from dirt, dust etc. Necessity of good housekeeping is essential in order to make and maintain a clean and neat factory work in its surroundings. It makes work more pleasant, most satisfying and motivate for all kind of employees to work. The advantages of good house keeping are fewer accidents, increased life of building, machinery, tools, etc., improved employee morale, increased production, better product quality, continuous cleaning reduces housekeeping costs, no time is lost in searching for tools etc, material handling and transportation pick up speed, inspection, maintenance and production control functions become easier, much floor space otherwise occupied by unused raw material and tools. A good house keeping procedure involves plan and project the housekeeping program carefully and completely.

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