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Primary Shaping Processes

Primary shaping processes are manufacturing of a product from an amorphous material. Some processes produces finish products or articles into its usual form whereas others do not, and require further working to finish component to the desired shape and size. Castings need re-melting of scrap and defective ingots in cupola or in some other melting furnace and then pouring of the molten metal into sand or metallic moulds to obtain the castings. Thus the intricate shapes can be manufactured. Typical examples of the products that are produced by casting process are machine beds, automobile engines, carburetors, flywheels etc. The parts produced through these processes may or may not require to under go further operations. Some of the important primary shaping processes is:

(1) Casting,
(2) Powder metallurgy,
(3) Plastic technology,
(4) Gas cutting,
(5) Bending and
(6) Forging.

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