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Processes Effecting Change in Properties

Processes effecting change in properties are generally employed to provide certain specific properties to the metal work pieces for making them suitable for particular operations or use. Some important material properties like hardening, softening and grain refinement are needed to jobs and hence are imparted by heat treatment. Heat treatments affect the physical properties and also make a marked change in the internal structure of the metal. Similarly the metal forming processes effect on the physical properties of work pieces  Similarly shot peening process, imparts fatigue resistance to work pieces. A few such commonly used processes are given as under:

(1) Annealing,
(2) Normalising,
(3) Hardening,
(4) Case hardening,
(5) Flame hardening,
(6) Tempering,
(7) Shot peeing,
(8) Grain refining and
(9) Age hardening.

In addition, some allied manufacturing activities are also required to produce the finished product such as measurement and assembly.

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