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Sources of Energy

The various sources of Energy are as follows:

1. Fuels: The Fuels are broadly classified as follows.

(i) Solid Fuels: Various solid fuels used are wood, coal, including bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, peat etc.

(ii) Liquid Fuels: Liquid Fuels include petroleum and its derivatives.

(iii) Gaseous Fuels: Gaseous fuels consists of natural gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas, coal gas etc.

2. Energy stored in water:

The potential energy of water at higher level is utilized for the generation of electrical energy. water power is quite cheap where water is available in abundance. although capital cost of hydro electric power plants is higher as compared to other types of power plants but their operating cost is quite low.

3. Nuclear Energy:

Controlled fission of heavier unstable atoms such as U235, TH232, and artificial elements Pu239 liberate large amount of heat energy. This enormous release of energy from a relatively small mass of nuclear fuels makes this source of energy of great interest. The energy released by the complete fission of one KG of U235 is equal to heat energy obtained by burning 4500 tonnes of high grade coal. however, there are some difficulties in the use of nuclear energy namely high capital cost of nuclear power plants. Limited availability of raw materials, difficulties associated with disposal of radioactive wastes and dearth of well trained personell to handle the nuclear power plants.

4. Wind Power:

Wind power can be made use of where wind at suitable velocity is available. wind power is capabile of generating small amounts of electrical energy. It is successfully employed for pumping water from deep wells, Wind power has aerved many countries as a source of power is early days and were called as wind mills. The propulsive power of wind can be used to drive multi bladed turbine wheel. Wind turbines proved to be costly if designed to run at all wind speeds. they usually starts running at wind speeds just enough to overcome the system losses and develop full power at the prevelling speed for the locality. Wind is cheapest source of power.

5. Solar Energy:

The heat energy contained in the rays of sum is utilized to boil water and generate steam which can be used to drive prime movers to generate electrical energy.

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