Surface finishing processes are utilized for imparting intended surface finish on the surface of a job. By imparting a surface finishing process, dimension of part is not changed functionally; either a very negligible amount of material is removed from the certain material is added to the surface of the job. These processes should not be misunderstood as metal removing processes in any case as they are primarily intended to provide a good surface finish or a decorative or protective coating on to the metal surface. Surface cleaning process also called as a surface finishing process. Some of the commonly used surface finishing processes are:

(1) Honing,
(2) Lapping,
(3) Super finishing,
(4) Belt grinding,
(5) Polishing,
(6) Tumbling,
(7) Organic finishes,
(8) Sanding,
(9) deburring,
(10) Electroplating,
(11) Buffing,
(12) Metal spraying,
(13) Painting,
(14) Inorganic coating,
(15) Anodizing,
(16) Sheradising,
(17) Parkerizing,
(18) Galvanizing,
(19) Plastic coating,
(20) Metallic coating,
(21) Anodizing and
(22) Sand blasting.