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Types of Links

In order to transmit motion, the driver and the follower may be connected by the following three types of links.

1. Rigid Link: A rigid link is one which does not undergo any deformation while transmitting motion, strictly speaking rigid links do not exists. However, as the deformation of a connecting rod, crank etc of a reciprocating steam engine is not appreciable, they can be considered as rigid links.

2. Flexible Link: A flexible link is one which is partly deformed in a manner not to effect the transmission of motion. for example: Belts, ropes, chains and wires are flexible links and transmits tensile forces only.

3. Fluid Links: A fluid link is one which is formed by having a fluid in a receptacle and the motion is transmitted through the fluid by pressure of compression only, as in the case of hydraulic press, jacks and breaks.

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