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Health and Safety

health and safetyLike most manufacturing and fabrication processes, the welding operation presents various hazards to the health and safety of the welder and personnel working near a welding operation. These hazards include:

  • Fire hazards g Smoke and fumes
  • Electrical shock g Compressed gases
  • Arc radiation g Other hazards related to specific processes, locations, etc.

These hazards are well recognized and when proper precautions are taken, welding is a safe operation. It is therefore extremely important that before performing any welding operation the operator be fully aware of these precautions as well as be knowledgeable about the equipment to be used and its operation. The reader is referred to Module 1 for detailed guidance on the health and safety aspects of welding, and is strongly urged to have the knowledge therein before performing any welding.
As engineering personnel, you are always in an oversight position on the construction site. Safety is everybody’s concern, especially for engineers.

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Take care of your nearest tools, this may cause any accident.

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