“A weld made in the groove between two members to be joined”.

Figure 3.9 shows the geometries and welding terms for typical groove weld joints. In order to describe the geometry of a joint, all the numerical data for plate thickness, bevel or groove angle, groove radius of J-groove, root face and root opening should be given.


The above examples are shown on a single groove joint. All the terms are applicable to double groove joints as well.

 Note: The weld size or effective throat (x) is defined in sketches A, B, C and D. Where joint penetration is complete as in A and B, the weld size is the thickness of the plate. Where the plates differ in thickness as in C, and joint penetration is complete, the weld size is the thickness of the thinner plate. Where joint penetration is incomplete as in D, the weld size is the depth of penetration.

Figure 3.10 shows more terms related to welds and joints.