What is Spam Mail in Gmail – Gmail Spam Report

gmailNo doubt that Gmail is a Biggest Emails service providers which has lot of features and a lot of diskspace, but as this is a biggest company so the spammers are targeting to such a big companies, like you have ever listened a Facebook spam rumors, spammers post news on your news feed and wall without your permission.

same situation is with Gmail. first of all Gmail introduces ads in between the email that is not good for every people, secondly gmail signup process is so simple that is why every spammer is going to signup for an email id which may cause the disturbance in webmasters and forum owners who are running their own forums. here is some example screen shot which are going to signup for an account on forum with gmail id, the id clearly shows that it is a spam. I dont know how they people (spammers) are verifying their email id which is looks like nu-rememberable id.

Gmail Spam

example of Gmail spam

Gmail Spam

Spammer created a forum account with spam gmail id.


Actually we have no any issue with gmail or their services, we are also using their accounts and services, but here we got some examples to share with you.