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Ufone Rishta Point

rishta-pointLooking for your perfect match? With Ufone Rishta Point doing that is easier than ever before. Ufone Rishta Point is a matchmaking service on IVR and WAP through which you can record your profiles/proposals and look for a potential life partner.

Marriage is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life and looking for potential proposals is a difficult task. With this new service, Ufone is providing a medium through which our users can interact with prospective life partners in an extremely convenient manner.

How to use this service?

To create your profile Dial 146 or go to wap.ufone.com and click on the Ufone Rishta Point Icon. In the IVR main menu, you will get an option to:

Record a profile/proposal.
Listen to recorded profiles.
Edit or Delete your profile.
Listen to your proposal history.

How can I upload my Picture?

Now registered users can directly upload their picture to the WAP portal. Simply take a picture and send it via MMS to 146. The picture will be automatically uploaded to your profile on the WAP portal.

Supported Formats:



Standard MMS Charges will apply (Rs.5+tax per 64kb)

How do I listen to the profiles of other candidates?

You can browse through the recorded profiles/proposals by pressing 2 in the main menu. You will be first asked to choose whether you want to hear proposals of female or male candidates. After that, you will have an option to either listen to all the latest recorded proposals or filter through the proposals by selecting a category, like preferred age group/caste/religion etc.

On selecting the category, the proposals will start playing. You can go to the next proposal by pressing 1, previous proposal by pressing 2, get details of the candidate e.g. age, gender, marital status etc by pressing 3 and contact the person by pressing 0.

How do I contact the candidates through Ufone Rishta Point?

While browsing/listening to the profiles, you can contact a candidate by pressing ‘0’. Please note that only those people can contact other candidates who already have a profile recorded on Ufone Rishta Point.
When you press ‘0’, the other party will receive an SMS with your details like age, gender, marital status etc. The receiving party will be given your ID in that SMS. The said individual will call on that ID and listen to your recorded message.
If the candidate shows interest, you will receive a call connecting you to the potential candidate. To maintain confidentiality, the call you will receive will be from 146xxxx.

Ufone Rishta Point – WAP Portal

To access the WAP version of Ufone Rishta Point, go to wap.ufone.com and click on the Ufone Rishta Point icon. You can browse through profiles of all candidates and listen to their recorded profiles. However, to contact the candidate, it is mandatory that you have your own profile recorded.

You can also manage your own account, search for candidates and subscribe to get alerts by logging-in to your WAP account. You will receive a password through SMS the first time you dial 146. Use that password to log on to your WAP account. In case you have lost the password, you can request for the password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” button. You can also choose to receive alerts whenever a proposal meeting your specific criteria is uploaded on Ufone Rishta point.

To do so, log on to your WAP account and click “Search for profiles”. Once you enter the page, enter your search criteria and click on “Receive SMS Alerts. You will receive an SMS from 146 to confirm subscription. Reply to that SMS to confirm your subscription. To turn off subscription, SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 146.

Once you log-in, you can update your profile by adding information like name, cast, city etc. You can also search for specific proposals by entering a search category e.g. preferred age, gender, marital status etc. You can listen to the profiles of other candidates and contact them through Ufone Rishta Point.


On dialing 146 you will be charged Rs. 3+tax / Min.
There are no charges to receive alerts but you will be charged Re. 1+tax/SMS on a new profile alert.
Any SMS to 146 will be charged at Rs. 1+tax / SMS.
Standard GPRS charges apply on browsing the WAP portal.

Terms and Conditions:

Profiles will be uploaded after proper screening within 24 hours. User will receive a confirmation through SMS when their profile is uploaded.
The service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpaid).
You need to have a GPRS enabled/activated handset to access the WAP.
Only those customers can propose/contact a person who have their profiles recorded on Ufone Rishta point.


Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (“PTML”) shall not be responsible under any circumstances and for any reason whatsoever for the service, any error / outage / disruption or interruption in the service, the authenticity / legality / accuracy /  infringement of intellectual property rights / copy rights in regard to the content uploaded on to the WAP service by the customer. The customer shall indemnify PTML against any loss / damage caused for reasons attributable to any act / omission of a third party or the customer. The customer is deemed to have knowledge and compliance with the laws relevant to the publishing of such content.

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