There are many types of scams that use the phone or mail can now be found on the Internet, so be careful with whom you are interested to do business in cyberspace.

  1. Purchase from the companies you know and trust.
  2. Using of Internet to Research a Companies History can provide a lot of information about the Corporate site.
  3. Check for ratings and reviews by other consumers before you purchase.
  4. Hide your personal information. Give your credit card number only if you are making a purchase, never to verify your identity.
  5. Ignore to give out your Social Security number unless you are applying for credit or employment.
  6. Pay by credit card. You can dispute charges through the credit card issuer company if you have problems later.
  7. Be knowledgeable that there are differences between sales by an individual and sales by a business. Your legal rights may differ based on whether the seller is an individual or a business. You may have difficulty pursuing your complaint against an individual if the merchandise was misrepresented, broken (defective) or never delivered.
  8. Never Judge reliability by how nice or polished a Web site seems. It is very easy and inexpensive for anyone to create, register and promote a Web site.
  9. Never Download programs just to see pictures, listen to music or get access to other features from Web sites with which you are unfamiliar. You could end up downloading a computer virus that brush out your computer files.