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How to create database on mysql

1) Run Xampp lite previous note. Click start for apache and mysql. And then open the web browser and type at the address bar Click phpmyadmin at the left side.


2) This below screen appear and create the name of database and CREATE NEW DATABASE. For example type “mydatabase” after that click create at the right side.



3) Insert the name of table and number of field showed below. For example name table: ‘user’ and field is ‘2’ and then click ‘GO’.


4) This form will appear. Fill in the form refer picture below.. after that click ‘SAVE’



5) Click Insert to insert the data into the database.


6) Fill the box (refer the picture below).After that click ‘GO’.


7) Now you has been done create mysql database and insert the data into the data base. If u want to see the data inside the database click ‘browse’

After click browse

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