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Engrz Mail – Free Email for Engineers

banner1 is the ultimate solution for all your Email and Web Chat service requirements. It is unique, feature rich, fast, flexible, scalable and secure. The Ajax based live email service makes email management very easy for you. The web based live chat service with instant messaging and group chat options keeps your friends always connected. The features such as efficient spam protection, mail filtering and conversation grouping makes email management a bliss.


Engrz Mail Features

  • Very fast, AJAX based Email Service
  • Reliable, organized and secure Email Service
  • Featured Web Based Live Chat Service
  • Featured Web Based Calendar
  • To-do List
  • Mobile edition
  • Custom email folders for organizing mails better.
  • Threaded/conversation message listing to group similar emails.
  • New, easy to use interface.
  • Efficient spam control mechanism
  • Automatic mail forwarding
  • Email auto reply
  • Automatically saves an incomplete mail to draft while composing an email.
  • Enable /disable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Engrz Mail provides the easiest method to print an email.
  • Advanced search allows you to search mails based on their special criteria.
  • Search mails those have attachments.
  • Compose emails in plain text or with a featured HTML editor
  • Emoticons for emails.
  • Attach multiple(unlimited) files along with emails.
  • Instant Messaging.
  • Group chatting with any number of users.
  • Detailed Chat History.
  • Offline Messaging.
  • Fully customizable visitor chat windows.
  • Different chat status like online, busy, offline, invisible and idle.
  • Custom status for Friends.
  • Eye catchy chat emoticons.login-mail
  • Profile pictures for chat users.
  • Chat invitations for new contacts.
  • Typing status alerts.
  • Customizable sound alert for new chat messages.
  • Monthly, weekly and daily views in calendar.
  • Set time zone for each events.
  • Different color for events.
  • Edit and delete events.
  • List upcoming events for a quick view.
  • Manage and organize tasks in to-do lists.
  • Set name and due date for your tasks.
  • Check off Tasks when you’re done.
  • List today, pending and completed task list.
  • Mobile interface for a quick access to the essentials in your account.
  • Import contacts from Gmail.
  • Reply, reply all and forwarding option for chat messages.
  • Completes email addresses automatically for email fields such as to, cc and bcc.
  • Easily send emails to a group of recipients specifying the their contact mobdisplaygroup name.
  • Inline attachment support for mails which allows usage of links and images inside the message content.
  • User signatures to include it automatically in the email footer.
  • Easy options for reply, reply all and forward mails
  • Alert failed sending and track bounced back emails.
  • Regular folders such as inbox, starred, draft, sent, spam and trash
  • Users can create any number of custom folders according to their preferences.
  • Instant email starring.
  • View starred emails together that helps to easily find important emails.
  • Birthday greetings via mails.
  • Security level for password strength.
  • Empty trash and Empty spam option.
  • Multi language supporting feature which allows you to use your preferred language
  • Users can select their preferred visual theme.
  • Users may configure the number of emails they would like to see in their folders in each page.
  • Time zone settings for users to set their local time.
  • Mails from blacklist senders are automatically stored in spam folder.
  • Easy user registration.
  • Password strength checking for enhanced user security
  • Efficient password recovery mechanism.
  • Easy profile, password editing.


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