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Why Recycling Mobile Phone is Beneficial for Earth?

Have you ever think of recycling your unused mobile phones? Give it a thought; there are lots of benefits you can acquire by recycling your old and unused gsm mobile phones. This way, you can contribute in saving the ecosystem.

rec-71Cell phone has become a necessary item in today’s era. It is a widely used electronic gadget among every age group. There is a rise in manufacturing mobile handsets enormously with the swelling increase in the use of cell phones. Human beings are slave to every beautiful thing. We love to buy every gorgeous item we saw in the market; and mobile phones are no exception. But with every new handset we purchase, you throw the old one in the drawer. In a recent survey, more than 45% of unused mobile handsets are not recycled globally. So why not recycling it? It not only acts to save the environment but also we can gain huge benefits with it. Recycling mobile phones does not only mean to give your phone a new life, but also saving its raw material to use it to new product or to generate energy.


Mobile phones contain toxins which create serious environmental contamination if not properly disposed off. It leaks toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead, arsenic and the mercury into the ground. From there the chemicals are absorbed and can eventually find their way back to us – the worst case scenario being that they are eventually released into the environment through the air, soil, and water, thus contaminating the food and drink that we and our children consume.

  1. Cadmium which is contained in the mobile phones battery is very harmful and it damage liver and causes cancer.
  2. Lead which is used in circuit board causes brain damage among children and further affect the immune and nervous system.
  3. Beryllium is used in manufacturing springs in the mobile and causes lung cancer.

So, recycling cell phones has become a necessary step to save the earth.



1. 100% of raw material can be extracted from an old handset and use it further. Nickel and lithium is extracted from the batteries. Plastic and metal parts are stripped from the charger and accessories. Mixed plastics are melted down and reused. Gold (and other metal) is extracted and reused – reducing the need for mining.

2. You can give a new life to your old mobile phone.

3. If the cell phone is in working condition you can donate your old phones for a noble cause.

4. You can sell them in a phone recycling center for money. According to a US based Geological Survey, unused old mobile phones have significant precious metals content in them – over $314 million – which converts to 200 million pounds.

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