Recently 3G and 4G network services announced in Pakistan but these services working in few areas/Cities of Pakistan.

Here i will tell you how to check 3G service is available in your area or not. The things you will need is 3G enabled handset, almost every android handset is 3G enabled.


Step 1

Click on Menu of your 3G/Android Handset.

Step 2

Click on settings as shown in fig. 1


This window will appear (fig 2.)


Step 3

In wireless and networks, you will find the option Mobile Networks. (click on mobile networks), fig.3 will be appeared (below).



Step 5

Click on Networks operators, the mobile will start searching networks and if 3G service is available in your area you will see 3G with the operator name. If it is not available you will see 2G with every operator as shown if fig. 4 (below)