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How to Signup for Facebook Account?


Facebook is a Biggest social network in the world these days, everyone is using it from the primary school student to the prime minister and president.

Every Celebrity has a Facebook account and fan page. but im going to write this article for those are planing to make their profile on facebook, specially new internet users.

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to signup for Facebook account.

Step 1. Signup for and Email id, to signup Email you can use any email server such as Yahoo, hotmail, gmail or Engrz Mail.

we are going to signup and Email id On Engrz Mail, It is new service by Engrz for Engineers, to that you can easily get your favorite Email Id.

Goto http://email.engrz.com and click on Signup, fill the required fields and you will get your email id registered.

Step 2. now goto www.facebook.com, fill the signup form as shown in fig.


Step 3. Click on signup button after filling the above form.

Step 4. open your email id by loging into http://email.engrz.com you receive confirmation code or link, click on link to confirm your account and you are done.

Note: If you have already An Email Id registered, Ignore step 1, and start process from step 2.

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