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How to convert from Telenor Talkshawk to Telenor Djuice?


No Doubt that the telenor talkshawk has best call pakages as compared to Telenor Djuice but there is still a reason to convert from telenor Talkshawk to Djuice.

The Reason is Djuice has best sms pakages, and the people who need more sms than Voice calls, they like Telenor Djuice.

Migration from Telenor talkshawk can be done in one of following ways

  • Send “migrate” to 345 through SMS
  • Calling 345661 and 345662
  • Visiting our Sales & Service Centers or Franchises

What are the charges for migration:

  • Conversion charges to djuice and djuice Din Raat are Rs. 15 inclusive of tax
  • Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax

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