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Difference Between Engine and Machine


CNC Milling Machine

Engine: The term, “Engine” was originally used for any mechanical device that converts force into motion. In modern usage, the term engine typically describes the devices like steam engines and internal combustion engines, which burn/consumes fuel to perform mechanical work by exerting a torque or linear force to drive machinery that generates electricity, pumps water, or compresses gas.

Machine: Machines consume energy produced by the engines.

The word ‘machine’ is derived from the Latin word ‘machina’. The same meaning is now expressed by the derived term machination.

A simple machine is a device that simply transforms the direction or magnitude of a force. There are also complex types of machines, such as the vehicles, electronic systems, molecular machines, computers, televisions, and radios. A machine is basically a tool that consists of one or more parts, and uses energy to meet a particular goal.


Other Differences are as follows

Comparison between Machine and Engines:




Short description Machine is an apparatus used for the generation of mechanical power. It has many parts, each with a definite function, together performing a particular task. Engine is a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.
Works as Machine is a static device. Engine runs the machine.
Importance It comprises of engine as one of its parts. It is the heart of the machine, due to which the machine works.
They are Machine is the assembly of desired equipments. Engine is one type of machine.
Transforms Machine transforms one form of energy into a different product including, but not limited to, another form of energy work. Engine transforms one form of energy into another form of energy.
Types Some types of machines are:

  • Simple machine.
  • Engine.
  • Electrical machine.
  • Electronic machine.
  • Computing machine.
  • Molecular machine
  • Etc.
Some types of engines are:

  • Steam engine.
  • Internal combustion engine.
  • Diesel engines
  • Etc.


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