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Top 10 Positions in 12PG – 5th Term MUET


Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro has announced 5th term result today on 23rd-Sept 2014 of Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department.

Total 89 Students appeared in the 5th term examination was held in the month of May/June 2014.

38 Students are Successful in all the subjects out of 89 where as 50 Students will appear the the supplementary Examination and 1 Student is in Withheld Result.

Here is the Stats of the Students

Total Students: 89

Passing Students: 38

Failed Students: 50

With-held: 01


List of top 10 Students according to Roll No:

1st Position:    12PG48 = 580 Marks

2nd Position:  12PG159 = 546 Marks

3rd Position: 12PG02 = 544 Marks

4th Position: 12PG40 and 12PG 168 with 518 Marks

5th Position: 12PG146 = 508 Marks

6th Position: 12PG37 and 12PG54 with 505 Marks

7th Position: 12PG34 and 12PG172 with 501 Marks

8th Position: 12PG14 = 494 Marks

9th Position: 12PG22 = 493 Marks

10th Position: 12PG140 = 470 Marks


Engrz.com Congratulate all the Position Holders and Successful Students for their Future.

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