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Objectives of a good plant layout

Good plant layout comprises of best possible arrangement of the buildings, men, machine and materials for processing a under taken product. The main objectives of a good plant layout involves minimum material movement, smooth flow of the product in the plant, full utilization of the space of the plant, provide adequate safety and satisfaction to the plant workers, evolve sufficient flexibility in the arrangement of the above factors so as to suit the minor future changes, if any and facilitates an effective supervision. It helps to integrate all the above factors in such a way that the best compromise and coordination among them is achieved.
The movements of workers and manufacturing staffs within the plant are minimized. Waiting time of the semi-finished and finished products should be reduced to the minimum. Working conditions as far as possible should be safer and better for the satisfaction of the workers.
There should be an increased flexibility for changes in product design and for future expansion. There should be full utilization of whole space of the shop and plant layout. The work methods and reduced production cycle times should be improved and the plant maintenance must be simpler. There should be increased productivity and better product quality with reduced capital cost. A good layout facilitates materials to move through the plant at the desired speed with the minimum possible cost.

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