Some safety using workplace layout and proper working conditions are given as under:

1. A suitable layout and proper working conditions play an important role in preventing accidents which would have otherwise occurred.
2. Moving path or passage ways should be clearly marked and never be obstructed.
3. Every employee should have enough space to move and operate the machine.
4. The floor condition must be of non-skid kind. It should act as a satisfactory plane which can be easily cleaned.
5. Height of working rooms should be adequate for proper ventilation and lighting.
6. Fire walls should be used to separate various compartments.
7. Windows should have adequate size and should be in adequate numbers.
8. Illumination should be sufficient, continuous, uniform and free from glare.
9. Proper ventilation should be there in workplace.
10. Noise level should be proper if any. If it is high, use silencers to minimize the noise level.