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Top Ten positions in 11-PG (7th Term) MUET


Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology has announced 11-PG (7th Term) Result here on Tuesday (30th-Septemper 2014).

Total 83 Students were appeared in the 7th term examination in May/June 2014 and 52 Students cleared all the subjects where as 25 students are failed in different subjects, 04 students are successful in as per rule policy but 02 students result is still in pending (With-Held) due to any reason.

Top Ten Positions in 11-PG

1st Position: 11PG04 with 632 Marks

2nd Position: 11PG12 with 584 Marks

3rd Position: 11PG136 with 581 Marks

4th Position: 11PG138 with 559 Marks

5th Position: 11PG01 and 11PG08 with 553 Marks

6th Position: 11PG54 with 551 Marks

7th Position: 11PG05 with 549 Marks

8th Position: 11PG43 with 547 Marks

9th Position: 11PG31 with 542 Marks

10th Position: 11PG26 with 532 Marks


Note: Please Update us if there is any mistake.


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