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Who is idle and programmed software to steal traffic?

mobile themeIn recent years, the mobile phone to steal traffic incident frequently exposed. Recently, Guangdong Shunde a consumer complaint, said his cell phone in the drawer charging, but within 3 hours was told in 23g flow must repay more than 1100 yuan Internet access fees. China telecom technical personnel and mobile phone manufacturers to investigate the engineer confi rmed that abnormal traffic is generated by a mobile phone application software to download a large flow of a large flow file.

No not early, who is idle for a software “steal flow”? Currently, operators generally do not agree with the APP software to achieve traffic flow. In this context, who is the “silent thief” of traffic flow? Steal flow profit tricky hidden in where? A senior technical staff explained: in addition to technical flaws, some mobile phone manufacturers and software vendors through the control background, with technical means to improve the advertising hits, and even disguise the number of users, will be a ID disguised as a number of ID, with consumers money to cheat investors money, money”.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the smart phone market, a variety of APP are listed, to bring a variety of convenience, pleasure, but also frequently appear in various consumer trap. In general, hands are installed in the mobile phone on the malicious application software. In addition to part of the user’s own software to install the software to steal traffic, some do not have to unload the mobile phone pre installed software, malicious software, etc., often in the case of users do not know secretly run, it is possible to steal consumer information, but also may steal consumer traffic, pit consumers money. To steal flow “silent thief or consumer to swallow, the thieves to uninstall the software trouble, or is everywhere complaints everywhere be rebuffed eventually end up with nothing definite. Investigate its reason, because the smaller amount of money involved, or consumers can not afford the time. In fact, this kind of steal traffic, steal information, “silent thief”, the consumer interests of the big damage, the implementation of the potential profit is not expensive, the functional departments should attach great importance to.

At present, for intelligent mobile terminal security issues have become increasingly prominent, on the one hand, relevant departments should further standardize set the standard of mobile phone software and technical threshold, block malicious software into the mobile channel, promote the removal of clause of Xiang Yu the conqueror, to solve the problems of mobile phone software preinstalled cannot unload problem; on the other hand should be increase to software company illegal penalties for violations found with heavy fines, to steal flow “silent thief” pay a heavy price.


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