“In the past few years the global manufacturers of the shuffle, and the next 3~5 years, will be the Chinese market, reshuffle, most Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will exit the market.” In the afternoon of November 26, in Huawei’s flagship model mate 8 conference after the interview session, Huawei consumers BG boss Yu again in the future make predictions. and different from the past is that, for HUAWEI’s mobile phone itself, he believes has been out of the life line, the most late in two years, will be in the share of apple.


Yu Chengdong said, this confidence comes from HUAWEI’s own growth, from the chip to technology investment, and then to brand marketing. “HUAWEI consumer BG revenue will exceed 200, the mobile phone sales more than 1, which is higher than the target set by the $160.”

In fact, from the beginning of Mate7, HUAWEI in the high-end mobile phone market investment intensity is increasingly evident, S Mate pricing and even rushed to the 4000 yuan(about 635USD) stalls. But send flowers at the same time, Huawei in the mobile phone business “steps” strategy is questionable, as a new generation of Zhou xunchu, mate 8 could continue after mate7 success also become the question on many people’s minds.

IDC mobile senior analyst share Meng Yan of “First Financial Daily” the reporter said, at present for Huawei to do high-end, also need to steadily, do not be anxious for success. “High-end brands need to be good, and the market and channels to accept the case, to do a good job of high-end brands, at present, HUAWEI in the Chinese market has done well, the problem is the expansion of local overseas markets.”

Next year the global share will exceed 10%

26 PM, HUAWEI launched the annual flagship model Mate 8. This is also the first time since the release of P6, HUAWEI’s flagship model for the first time to return home. once the mate of a hard to find 7 is recognized as one of the most successful mobile phone to help Huawei mobile phone brands from around 2000 yuan (about 320USD) stall interval jump for high-end people’s choice, the current global shipments also exceeded 700 million. And for Mate 8 sales expected, Yu Chengdong is expected to be ten million.

“This year HUAWEI mobile phone in the global market share of about 9%, next year will be more than 10%.” Yu Chengdong told reporters, from M8 to P9, as long as this round of a firm, the future will exceed all the opponents.