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Uber brings two new features for the user to make the car more convenient


Have tried to call the Uber, but don’t know which one is his call? To this end, Uber today launched a service called SPOT, the purpose of this service is to make the car more easily recognized Uber. Its principle is very simple, the driver have to install a multi colored lights in the window, and then the user can choose to call the Uber in the app which color is the color, then you can identify the car with color. But now the service is only in the West

This trial, do not know whether to push the other place.

In addition, Uber launched its own API last year, the platform service opens to third party developers, but today launched the Request Button Ride (called the car button) is the real embodiment of the above strategy. Uber pointed out that developers only need to be in their own iOS or app Android, adding a few lines of code can be called the car button to integrate the address, the user simply to see the address can be easily called car. But the legal status of Uber in some countries is unknown, don’t know whether it will affect the developers of these places of interest?

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