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YouTube will provide the user with a television movie cost $10/month


China: Sina Technology News Beijing time December 3rd afternoon, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that people familiar with the matter, YouTube hopes to get the authorization of the film production company, to provide users with the price of $9.99 per month to subscribe television and movie subscription services, in order to strengthen the competition with Netflix and Amazon and other competitors.

People familiar with the matter said, YouTube executives has already met with the Hollywood studios and other film and television production company executives, hope the plan propaganda, and new content negotiation licensing agreement.

YouTube wants to get the content right, and will focus on the new content. But it is not clear what the company wants to buy television content copyright.

Informed internet sources said, YouTube is still studying the number of specific authorization, but the company hopes to have a strong original content library and authorized projects in 2016.

Informed sources, the company will use the Play Google to strong the relationship with the film company to discuss the flow media agreement. It is reported that former MTV content director Suzanne Daniels (Daniels Susanne) and Netflix former content executive Kelly Meliman (Merryman Kelly) are involved in the negotiations.

The company may provide exclusive streaming media content through Red YouTube. Red YouTube launched in October this year, users can watch all kinds of video from the ad.

The content will be through the theater, cable TV network and DVD and other traditional channels.

YouTube not yet to comment. (Book Yu)

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