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Engrz Mail Features and Services

engrz_mail_featuresEngrz Mail Features

  • Lot of Storage

With huge mailbox capacity there is no need to delete your messages.

  • Large Attachments

Engrz Mail allows you to send attachments up to 20MB with Multiple attachments.

  • Advanced Search

Advanced search offers numerous options for making your searches more precise and getting more useful results. You can use a set of filters in your query. Search can be done for an exact word, in a specific folder, excluding a particular word and mails with attachments with specific users.

  • Simple Folder Management

Easily organize your messages by customizing your folders. Move emails from your inbox to your custom folder manually, or create your own rules to ensure incoming emails are automatically sent to the folder of your choice.

  • We Respect Your Privacy

We never sell your information to others.

  • Spam & Virus Protection

The powerful spam protection and login security makes Engrz Mail suitable for your professional business requirements. All messages automatically scanned.

  • POP3 & SMTP Access

Compose and read your messages even when you’re not online. Simply download your emails onto your computer, access them with a mail client, and log-on once you’re ready to send.

also set a mail client on your mobile phone with POP3 and SMTP Access.

  • Easy to Use

Powerful, advanced functionality is user friendly and very simple to operate! If you still have questions after trying it out, you can contact us at anytime by Email or Phone support.

  • Direct delivery to custom folder

Engrz mail allows to deliver emails not just in Inbox, but directly to their specified folders based on a set of rules. You can define the rule/filter and conditions based on the Sender email addresses, email subject and/or email contents.



  • Live chat

Engrz Mail is integrated with an easy to use chat service that keeps your friends always connected. Familiar chat interface with instant messaging, emotions, real-time alerts and group chatting facility makes your communications just a click away. You would love to use our features like customizable user status, automatic logging of chat history and contact facilities.

  • Auto reply

Occasionally you might need to set-up holiday messages and auto reply messages if you are unavailable for some period of time. Engrz Mail now allows you to set-up and configure yout auto reply message easily within your account setting.

  • Multiple Attachments

Engrz Mail allows you to attach any number of files you would like to attach.

  • Auto saving to draft

This feature helps in saving the mails automatically to the draft while composing, so that these mails can be sent later. Engrz Mail automatically saves the messages as you compose it.

  • Efficient password recovery

The Engrz Mail uses a very intelligent password recovery mechanism so that you can obtain the newly created password after a sequence of logical steps for verifying the identity of the user.

  • Password strength check

This feature helps in ensuring the strength of passwords used for mail account, so that you will be persuaded to create more complex passwords. This gives more security for your mail account and prevents unauthorized access into your account.

  • Multiple languages

Engrz Mail allows users to choose the languages in which they want to use the service. Engrz Mail is preloaded with 3 languages.

  • Email forwarding

Email forwarding allows users to automatically forward all incoming emails to a specified email address according to their preference. It comes in handy when users would like to check all their emails from a single account or they would like to forward all their personal emails to their office email address or vice-versa.

  • Chat history

Chat history allows users to store the contents of their chats for future searches or references. user can even respond to these chats like they respond to regular mails. Users can optionally turn this feature off, if they prefer to do so.

  • Offline messaging

Engrz Mail now allows users to send offline chat messages. If users get disconnected during a chat session, the unreached messages will be available as offline messages and they can see them, when they log into their accounts. A user can also send an offline message to his friend, even when he is not in a chat session with him.

  • Mobile friendly

Engrz Mail is completely Mobile Friendly website.

  • Calendar

Schedule appointments and meetings on your email web application. This calendar provides several views, including month view, week view and day view, so the user can browse their scheduled events very easily. Engrz Mail provides a straightforward web interface for creating, moving and re-sizing scheduled events

  • To do list

To do list is a feature that helps you to keep track of the things you need to do. You can create the lists of items, set due dates for your tasks. You can create lists of things you need to do and check off tasks as they’re completed.

  • Print mail

You can print your emails in its print ready layout.

  • Contacts import

Engrz Mail provides an easy way for you to import your contacts from other applications like Gmail. It is a very convenient tool to use and makes your contact management really easy.


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