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“Angry birds” developers CEO Rovio will resign this year


December 10th (2015) news, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Finland game developer Rovio CEO will resign at the end of the year. The developer has launched the Mobile Games become fashionable for a time “angry birds”, but the company to expand the product outside of the “bird” efforts has not been effective.

Pekka Rantala (Rantala Pekka) in the beginning of this year 2015 as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Levoranta Kati, the company’s current Chief Justice, and Rovio, will take over as CEO.

The change comes at a time when the smart phone game industry is highly competitive, the industry has been dominated by a handful of applications is quite impetuous. In 2009, Rovio with the first edition of “angry birds” was a great success, but the company has failed to develop a comparable income from the first edition of the game.

In recent years, the company aimed that game outside the market, hoping to become a broader range of entertainment companies. There is a “angry birds” movie will be launched next spring, Lego will develop its toys.

Rantala said that in 2015 the company’s game business revenue grew slightly, but he declined to disclose specific figures. The company said revenues were flat with the previous authorization. Rovio announced in August this year, 1/3. Several executive positions, including chief brand officer and chief operating officer, were revoked. The company currently has more than 500 employees.

The company still relies on the “angry birds” of this IP, Rovio has developed from dozens of consumer products, plush toys from Jersey to porridge, but this has been a brand dilution. And the introduction of “candy crush legend” King company, Rovio failed to reproduce early success in the sequel. Game maker Activision Blizzard announced last month that the acquisition of King.

Rovio earlier this year launched the “angry birds 2”. Game using free mode, the number of downloads so far more than 60 million.

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