Engrz is working since 2011 to provide Education facilities to all students related any field specially Engineering. during this time some peoples encouraged our work as we are facilitating students with free services. An other free service from Engrz is Engrz Mail which means a free email service with standard domain which provides you an online identity with Engrz, Everyone can create free email of their own choice like yourname@engrz.com with a lot of free space and attachments size. we believe this will be good email service rather to use an unmeaning domain like hotmail or yahoo.

Engrz Mail is in beta testing and need users help to improve email service by finding errors during sending and receiving emails, attachments, pictures, chat, calendar, signup, themes, etc or by suggesting good ideas to get more better service for students.

All users are invited to join and use Engrz Mail to find errors so that we can improve the services, we are not asking for free help, here are your prizes who help us…

1st Prize: Rs: 10,000/-
2nd Prize: Rs: 5,000/-
3rd Prize: Rs: 2,000/-

Users can send error details with screenshots to afaque@engrz.com

Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum 10 errors required for 1st prize.
  2. Minimum 07 errors required for 2nd Prize.
  3. Minimum 05 errors required for 3rd Prize.
  4. Screenshot of all errors is important.
  5. Multiple entries from single user is not allowed.
  6. More than one entry for an prize from many users will cause a lucky draw.
  7. we reserve the rights to change our policy at any time without any notice.
  8. List of Engrz Mail features and services available here.

For any question don’t hesitate to contact us by email at afaque@engrz.com upto February- 06- 2016

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