Some members were asking about to download MP3 songs from engrz.org website, because they use the songs in attachment and not all the peoples knows about forum attachment. here im going to show you how to download MP3 music from Engrz.org.

visit: http://www.engrz.org or Click here to goto Engrz Music

Step 1: Click on the Bollywood MP3 songs as shown in fig below.


you will get the list of MP3 songs/ music (see fig below)


Select any topic as a song from the list and you will be in the page of that mp3 song. (image below)


Step 2: the song is attached and can be downloaded easily by clicking on attachment.


Step 3: after click download window appears


Click on the ok button to save mp3 file in your default download directory.


you can also comment on that music by replying that post as shown in fig.


Reply option can be found on top and bottom of the post/topic/song/subject as shown above.


i hope this helps you to download your favorite high quality mp3 music from Engrz.