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China’s LeEco electric car teases its very own autonomous


LeEco really means that the world is not only TVs and smartphones. After the announcement of the investment in the future of Faraday and Aston Martin earlier this year, Leeco today showed the first electric car that really moves. Car expelled LeSEE from one container to the end of the stage, and after that, CEO Jia Yueting gave a live demonstration of its ability to self-leadership positions using voice commands through a mobile application, but it is moving low speed because of the limited space. No mention of the specification and an English translation suggests that this is more than a concept car at the time, but it seems to be a strong start.


As an investor Original China car application Yidao Yongche, Leeco LeSEE imagine cars in the future to form a fleet of independent taxis, with the headlights which refers to the availability of their own using several colors. In the official video, the car has a conventional front and rear doors suicide doors, and somehow, the rear seats can fit on what appears in the form of the bodies of the passengers – yes, it smells like the concept. There are, however, touch screen and behind the front seats that can obviously benefit from the rich video entertainment Leeco. Jia said that the car will also face recognition and self-learning, but we have to wait for the future to such a demonstration.

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