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Why should I waste my time to upload videos on Youku


Are you are looking for an easy way to make money Online? This is an easy platform to earn cash online in china. Such a platform is a way to make money, a lot of foreigners never thought of it.

Youku is a largest video sharing website in china like youtube, peoples are earning a lot of money by uploading videos on youtube and youku.

Why should I waste my time to upload videos on Youku?

By uploading on Youku you potentially gain extra exposure on a platform in China and other countries.

  • Many Online video streaming websites like Youtube are blocked in China. The part of the largest population in the world (about 1.4 billion) who can’t access to Youtube.
  • The most important, there are 50 million Chinese people who lives out of China. Those peoples also uses the youku as this website is in the native language of chinese peoples.
  • Youku is the largest video-platform in China. according to report Youku reached 500 million monthly unique visitors in 2014, the half of the Youtube.
  • The amount of western content/videos are less that the other streaming websites, so there is a big chance to upload western content to reach the huge audiance.
  • It is free and easy to upload videos and set up monetization.
  • The more popular users earn $5000 to $10.000 US-dollars a month. You might not going to earn that in initial, but keep upload your content and don’t have to look back while earning money.


Further click on this link to learn about how to create account on Youku


  1. I read this and now i understand and will be happy to waste my time on youku as i can earn some handsome amount from youku.

  2. your work is good

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