Youku is a largest video sharing/streaming website in china, as it is in Chinese language so it is very difficult for western/foreigners to create an account on youku. Iam going to share step by step guide to create an account on youku?

Step-by-step guide to create an account

  1.  Click on this text 注册 (register) on the top right corner of the main page at youku or See image below. A new register tab will open

register_engrz_youkuIf you find any ad as a pop-up, try to find (x) to cross the ad.

          2. Enter Username and Password as shown in figure to register with your favorite username.


in above image, first box is for user name which must be your email address, in second box enter your password and be careful to enter your password because this is only once.

after that you may be asked for the captcha, it may be words or numbers. now click on register button to move further. you can also signup a youku account by using chinese social network as shown in above picture with logos such as: wechat or qq account. Please keep in mind that you can not use space or some special characters in username but you are allowed to use numbers.

           3.  Now its time to enter your nick name, below you see the image. Choose a nickname and press the big blue button to confirm your nick name. If you get an error message, your nickname has been taken, and you choose another one.


Congratulations, your account has been successfully created, you will be moved to screen who congratulate you about the successful account. the screen will automatically be closed in 1-2 seconds and you can enjoy to continue uploading videos on youku.

In the next lecture, i will tell you how to monetize or in other words how to distribute your video to millions of users so are interested in your videos, because you are not only one who is uploading the video, there may be tonnes of videos with the same keywords you are using.