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How to Use WhatsApp on Computer?

Introduction to WhatsApp

Whats App is a leading social chatting platform and now it is increasing its facility all over the world as it is purchased by the Facebook.

The video calling feature is now available in undated versions for some countries and also the tag system introduced by whats app recently.

the bad thing is that, there is no any recall option or delete option if the message is sent by mistakenly to another user or any group.

Here is the way how to use whats app on computer

Step 1: open url http://web.whatsapp.com


Step 2: open whats app APP on your phone and on top right corner there are 3 vertical dots, click on dots and select option whats app web.

a camera function will be enabled to say scan qr code, you have to scan qr code from the website shown in fig above, after successful scanning you will be logged in into whats app on your computer.






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