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How to use Multiple Facebook, WhatsApp account on Android?

Now days it is very difficult to separate business life and personal life, some time you might think to use multiple account on you device to separate you work/business life and personal life, such as by using facebook or whatsapp for two separate.

But now android is so flexible and you can do anything with it, almost.

I’m going to introduce “Parallel Space” and android app that lets you run multiple accounts of the same apps you are using simultaneously on your phone. This will help you to manage two or more accounts of the same app.


Further more you can also secure your app with the security code for your privacy or you can hide your secondary accunt to anyone on your device by incognito installation.

The important of this app is that this works almost all the messaging app such as Whatsapp, facebook messanger, viber, Snapchat and instagram.


This is not a first kind of app in android to use multiple accounts; few months ago xiaomi released its latest MIUI-8, which also has the same “second space feature which allows users to access two accounts for different messaging apps. But not everyone is using the Xiaomi so this app may the good option.


There are two versions of this app like computer software’s, a 32 bit and a 64 bit which can be downloading from app store or from here.

64bit devices are Android 6.0 or higher.

Download Parallel Space (32-bit version) here.

Download Parallel Space (64-bit version) here.

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