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Chinese developers’ website launched by Google

Website for Chinese Developers Launched by Google


Scott Beaumont, president of Google Greater China. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Google Inc launched a Chinese developers’ website on Thursday, aiming to make it easier for Chinese developers to learn more about Google services and technologies, as well as develop new applications as reported by Chinadaily.

The website – developers.google.cn was launched specially for Chinese developers which has gathered the technological resources provided by google to the developers of the world, and the all the latest technology and information about Android and firebase platforms said the us company.

more than 1 billion Android users in 190 countries and regions with the help of Google Play can be accessed by developers, the official app store of Google’s mobile platform, the company said at its Chinese developers’ conference in Beijing on Thursday.

Starting from 2017, the Google Developers Agency Program will be open to China’s software development agents. It will join hands with more Chinese partners for growth and development on the global platform.

Scott Beaumont, president of Google Greater China, said it is endeavoring to encourage mobile innovation and startups by developers, adding that Google is helping Chinese developers to explore high-quality apps and go global with its innovative technologies.

google_china_engrz-org1Ben Galbraith, head of product and developer relations at Google’s developer product group. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Ben Galbraith, head of product and developer relations at Google’s developer product group, said: “I am very glad to see that Chinese developers have become an indispensable part of the global developers’ community.”

He added that Google is sparing no efforts to provide diverse innovative platforms for developers, such as Firebase, its virtual reality platform Daydream and open source platform TensorFlow.


Source: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/business/tech/2016-12/09/content_27618007.htm

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