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How to create new topic on Engrz Forum? (with Pictures)

Login with your user id and Password, if you don’t know how to create your ID, click here to learn how to sign up for an account to create new ID.


  1. After login to your account, select a category in which you want to write or create new topic, as I mentioned in fig, and I choose “Computer and I.T”.



2. After selecting a category of your choice, you see the page where it shows the option “new topic”, as I highlighted in fig below.



3. Now a page will appear where you want to write something, like you want to share something. I have explained the term below in fig.



In 1. Subject line, you have to write a title you want to give your topic, try to write best title so that I attract people to read this.

  1. message body, explain your topic, this may be question or answer or something you want to share, explain it well so that reader can understand what you want to say.
  2. Attachments, if you want to attach something like and file, image, pdf, doc or anything you can use this option, it’s optional.
  3. You can preview your post before submit to public or you can directly submit it.

You are done…


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