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The most visited websites of the World with number of users

Do you have any idea about the most visited websites in the world? You may have tried to know, here I found some most visited websites in the world which receive the maximum number of the daily visitors. Read article below.

Here are the most visited websites in the world

The title of the article is simple, everyone has in mind that google is the top who receives the most visitors in the world per day but the things have changed according to report. This year 2017 websites are having surprising boom. Thanks to web surfers who increasingly interact and stay on the page they are visiting.

The most famous search engine of the world has lowered the ranking for its own product: YouTube. The largest video sharing and streaming website of the world which is owned by Google is currently received more hits and visiting time per day as compared to Google.

Surprised? YouTube receives more than 1500 million visitors a day, an impressive amount of users per day, while the Google search stays at 1.4 billion users daily.

According to report by techviral, facebook ranks on the third position in ranking of the most visited websites of the world. The number of daily users of facebook per day is about 960 million.

The top 5 websites with the most visitors in the world are completed by the Chinese search engine Baidu, which is in the fourth position with 460 million daily users, followed by Yahoo!, which despite its delicate situation still has an audience Faithful with 360 million daily visitors.

Baidu is known as Chinese search engine and is only used by Chinese peoples but it is in the competition of the top visited websites used globally.

The number of website registrations are constantly growing, adding monthly features that we like and facilitate the daily use. It can be seen that the search engines and social networks are achieving an adaptation in the way that we interact with them, where we obtain necessary and precise information at all times of the process.

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