14 Years Kid arrested for creating Ransomware Virus in Japan 1

14 Years Kid arrested for creating Ransomware Virus in Japan

Recently the world has just experienced a huge ransomware attack which goes by the name WannaCry. We must admit that WannaCry ransomware had created lots of panic amongst all Windows users specially Windows 7 users.

The story I’m going to share is shocking because a 14-year-old kid was arrested in Osaka Prefecture Japan for creating and distributing a ransomware.

However, several sources claimed that this is arrest issue was one of the first of its kind in Japan. According to the reports from Japan Times, the police haven’t revealed any information about the 14-year-old kid because of his childish nature.

​The kid had created a ransomware using a free encryption software. The kid confessed that he created the ransomware on January 6 and his computer was seized during a house search in April. It took him almost three days to create a working ransomware.

He uploaded the ransomware on websites overseas and promoted it through social media. He even asked people to use his software for free. The hacking tool was downloaded more than 100 times.

His ransomware helped people to encrypt other people’s computers and ask for ransom in the digital currency. The sources said that the people who have downloaded the software might be charged for ‘violating the law on acquiring electromagnetic records by illegal command.’