Do not click on email subjects "Re-activate your email account" 1

You might know about the recent hacks and attacks on various computers of various countries such as ransomware virus. this virus block all your data and photos, videos and everything available on your computer and leave a message on your desktop to pay them some amount to restore your data. The amount may be vary from 500 to 1000 USD or in form of bit coins.

I personally faced that virus in China, everything was blocked and finally have to format my hard-disk because it was difficult for me to pay such amount to the attackers to release my data.

Today im going to share a new mail i have received in my inbox with the subject: “Please Re-activate your email account” which is actually a virus. The hacker trying to find a different way to attack on your computer to block your data. In this email (screenshot shown below) you can see that email sender said that my email account is blocked which needs re-activation but the link given is redirecting to the virus, there are two links, no matter which you choose, both redirect you on the same place.

Do not click on email subjects "Re-activate your email account" 2

here you can identify the email by the sender ID: First of all the sender is from Hotmail where as i have received an email to the other host such as QQ Mail. The second thing is the sender is not a admin, for example: email id is not such kind of admin id as admin@hotmail or info@hotmail etc.

These links will redirect you to hijack your computer and data for which you have to pay the money later.