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Telenor is Annoying to its Customers with Text Messages and Calls

Telenor, one of the well known Telecom company of Pakistan is continuously annoying its customers in different ways. they are sending a lot of text messages every day on different timings such as mid night, after noon, evening etc. Everyday i receive 4-6 SMS messages from Telenor with different names such as: Telenor 4G, My Telenor and Telenor. Screenshots below shows the details of time and day, every day they send msgs on different timings, im getting angry to receive daily sms from telenor.

Why they are doing this?

I think they are not confident about their services and the packages they are providing, so they remind everyday that they are providing such services etc.

Not only the text messages but makingĀ  calls on different timings when people like me are sleeping. everyday i receive a call from 6007 in after noon, sometimes 4:00 PM some times 5:00 PM. what the hell is this? by this way they think that they are advertising their packages but im thinking to leave telenor connection just because of these unwanted sms and calls.

Once i call to the help line to block sms from telenor, they said they cant block, but why cant block? company has policy that we can block unwanted sms and calls, but just because these messages are from the company so they can not block. but these messages are continuously disturbing me.

5 thoughts on “Telenor is Annoying to its Customers with Text Messages and Calls

  1. Maada says:

    Im also facing same issue. i had a call to customer support that i dont want to receive messages from Telenor but they said they can not block these.

  2. Shifa says:

    you are right im getting angry with this call

  3. Farhan says:

    today i received three sms from Telenor 4G

  4. Malik Tehmour says:

    boht gusa ata hai roz 6007 se call ati hai

  5. Shahid Khan says:

    This is complete bully criminal behavior from Telenor.

    I am receiving calls from 6007 on virtually daily basis and that too at least 3 to 4 times a day for the past two months.

    PTA needs to fine them on it. I’m reporting them.

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