I Phone X Facial Recognition Failed in China 1

According to report, last week in Nanjing, a major city in the east of China, Yan (name of a women) was twice offered a refund from Apple for her faulty iPhoneX, which her colleague unlocked using facial recognition technology. both women are Chinese.

Yan told local media that the first time this happened, she called the iPhone hotline, but they didn’t believe her. It wasn’t until she and her colleague went to a local Apple store and demonstrated the issue that the store offered her a refund.

She purchased a new phone, thinking that perhaps a faulty camera was to blame.

but the same problem happened again with a new phone replaced by the apple store, that cleared that the fault was not of the camera but the software built in IPhone X.

This would not be the first case in which facial recognition software, and the AI behind it, has had trouble recognizing non-white faces.

In 2015, Google Photos accidentally tagged a photo of two African-Americans as gorillas, while in 2009, had trouble recognizing and tracking black faces – but no problem with white faces. That same year, Nikon’s camera software was caught mislabeling an Asian face as blinking.

Yan received a second refund on her second iPhoneX. What you think? Yan will purchase a third phone or not? comment your ideas below.